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In the Arms of the Enemy by Patricia A. Guthrie

In the Arms of the Enemy
Heroine interview

Tell us about your heroine --- the female lead in your book.

What's her name? Maggie McGregor (Margaret, but nobody calls her that

Why did you pick that name? I didn't. Maggie picked it for herself. Nothing else fit. She was a Maggie.

Give us a brief description of how she looks. Maggie's about five foot three-four inches. She has red hair, light skin that sunburns and freckles if she isn't careful, blue eyes like the Caribbean, fit from riding horses and doing barn chores. Wears mainly jeans, tank tops and over shirts, but "cleans up well."

Is there anything unusual about her appearance? Her hair. Curly, shoulder length and the color, as described by Adam, of a fire framing her face. (well, maybe he didn't exactly say that, but I'm in a poetic mood.)

Who does she love? She was engaged to Ricki Lane the owner of Lane Training Stables because he taught her to be a successful trainer. She was young and fell in love with not only his looks and manners, but what she thought he stood for. (Boy was she wrong)

Through the course of the story she falls in love with Adam Blakely a horse owner who brings his horse into her father's barn. Something about him moves her, he's there when he needs her, and something about his is like a Greek tragedy."

Does this person love her? Ricky Lane was more involved with himself and promoting himself and didn't mind screwing Maggie at the right opportunity. So, I'd say no to him. But he's not important, because he's murdered in the beginning.

Adam Blakely, despite a huge amount of misgivings falls in love with Maggie. He's smitten with her caring and fun-loving nature, her love of horses his attraction to her. But Adam has a secret. (see hero interview) and his secret makes it dangerous for him to fall in love with whom he thinks Maggie is.

Tell us about her family. The only family Maggie has left is her father Cullum McGreggor. He's very protective about his daughter especially with what happened before the story began. The community has also taken an interest and everyone interacts, has gone to school together and will protect "their own." They're like extended family. what happens to one of them, happens to all of them.

Where is she from? Michigan

Does her hometown affect her behavior, thoughts and attitude?
Yes they do. they've always come together in friendship and trouble. You can see that with the keen interest the sheriff has in stranger, when an elderly horsewoman cross-examinated Adams intent toward Maggie on the trails and the threatening way the farmer questioned Adam at the hospital. Asking him if he was her boyfriend trainer and if he'd beaten her up. Fortunately, Adam was able to say no on both counts (Maggie fell off an intentionally broken ladder at the barn)

What does she want out of life? Maggie wants a career as a horse trainer. She's a loving woman who needs to be loved in return, and she won't settle for being second best.

What's her biggest secret? (Only share if it isn't a spoiler in the story.) Maggie thinks Ricky Lane killed Black Autumn and whoever killed Ricky might be after her too. There are forces at work who would destroy her.

Did you write more than one story about her? No.

How would she describe you? I think she'd like to put me in a straight jacket and deposit me someplace where I can't take over her life and give her all those problems. She sees me coming and wants to run and hide.

Is there anything else about your heroine that we need to know? Feel free to share. Maggie is naive about a lot of things, but she's had to grown up fast between the prologue and the first chapter. She's wary of people and, although basically being outgoing, now she wants to shrink away. She feels guilty about leaving Black Autumn, a horse she'd loved and trained, to a man (Ricky Lane) she thinks might have killed him. Now, she's scared that someone might be after her.

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What is the link to buy your book?,

It was wonderful to meet her. Thank you for bringing her to meet us. Maggie says as soon as things are back to normal, she would love to go out for lunch. Her treat. And--she'll even invite her author-mommy. (that's me.) That is if I haven't put her in the middle of another murder. In the

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