Thursday, August 2, 2007

“The Daemonhold Curse”

"The Daemonhold Curse”

Tell us about your heroine --- the female lead in your book.

What's her name?
Dame Arinna Cabal

Why did you pick that name?
I often sound names since I’m also a traditional storyteller- a sennache—so it has to sound right.

Give us a brief description of how she looks.
Arinna Cabal, scrubbed clean and dressed up, was a delicately beautiful woman in her late twenties. Her short red hair combed out and framed her face to highlight sharp cheekbones and bright blue eyes. She wore combat leathers and full breeches with high boots and wore a short rapier on her hip. Her whole demeanor cried out of barely contained energy, as if eight feet of personality had been confined in five feet of woman.

Is there anything unusual about her appearance?
She would be petite, except that she is muscular with a fencer’s thighs. An elf that can kick any butt she wants to.

Who does she love?
The great love of her life is Yuzen, a tall dark haired dancer. She is also closer ‘than a lover’ to her friend Erique Shoutte –they practically grew up together and are life long friends.

Yuzen is a girly girl and they make each other laugh. Erique and Arinna have trusted each other with their lives dozens of times and with complete confidence.

Does this person love her?
Yes. Yuzen loves her and Erique would do anything for her.

Tell us about her family
Arinna is the daughter of Master Braphon Cabal, the head sword instructor of the Acadamy Kova, and is his best student. Her mother died when she was a young teenager and she is very close to her father.

Where is she from?
She was born and raised in Cozen, the capital city of Tolan, and where the Academy Kova is located.

Does her hometown affect her behavior, thoughts and attitude?
Her whole life was within the confines of the Academy among devout Kova priests and would be priests. Despite that, she retains the religion of her mother, the worship of the Goddess of Light: Yoni. Since the Kova do not proselytize, this is not unusual.

What does she want out of life?
She has no deep mission like Erique or her father. She is a swashbuckler who enjoys the moment and is devoted to the ‘way of the sword’ and to having fun.

What's her biggest secret?
Can’t tell you that one….

Did you write more than one story about her?
So far, she appears in a ‘cameo’ in a short story about Erique and is the costar with him in the Daemonhold Curse and its sequel, but I expect she will be showing up in more stories.

How would she describe you?
Lazy with terrible sword form.

It was wonderful to meet her. Thank you for bringing her to meet us.

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