Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dancing on the Edge by S L Connors

Tell us about your heroine - the female lead in your book.

What's her name?

The heroine in Dancing on the Edge is Callie Michelle Rowan.

Why did you pick that name?

I wanted a unique name, something that signified delicate nature but strength of will. Calla Lilly is a beautifully delicate yet strong flower, and a Rowan is a sturdy, stead-fast tree, thus encompassing Callie's character traits. Funny thing is once I'd chosen the name; it suddenly popped up in several places. A peer writer had also chosen the name, as well a couple of TV drama shows suddenly had Callies. Ugh! Isn't that the way?

Give us a brief description of how she looks.

Callie is petite built, five foot four inches, shoulder length golden brown hair, lightly sun-streaked. She has feminine curves: shapely legs, small waist, an average bust line and a lean athletic build. A soft mouth not overly full lips, heart-shaped face with hazel eyes that change color according to her moods.

Is there anything unusual about her appearance?

No other than the fact her appearance is deceiving in that she appears too delicate to be in her chosen profession. This tends to put her at an advantage in dealing with suspects. Callie is a police detective.

Who does she love? Why?

Callie loves her family for obvious reasons, animals so much the she can't bear to watch or read anything where animals are hurt or endangered. And last but not least, Callie loves Evan Pochesko, her best friend and soon to be partner. Evan is the only man with which she has ever achieved a healthy, risk-free, trusting relationship. They have been extremely close albeit, platonic friends since the Police Academy and have shared happiness, sadness, hurts, and disappointments. No one beside her family knows her better and no one of the male species but Evan will even get as close. Callie has shut herself off to matters of the heart.

Does this person love her?

Absolutely, more than life itself.

Tell us about her family.

Callie's family lives in the Northeast while she resides in sunny Southern Florida. She is a daddy's girl and even followed in her father's footsteps as far as career choice. Her father is a retired Philadelphia street cop. Callie's mother is a loving and nurturing woman of gentle principles. Callie also has a younger brother who married his high school sweetheart and now has a family of his own affording Callie two nephews who she enjoys whenever she goes home to visit.

Where is she from?

Philadelphia, PA though the family summers were spent at the Jersey shore.

Does her hometown affect her behavior, thoughts and attitude?


What does she want out of life?

Independence and someone to share herself with without losing herself.

What's her biggest secret? (Only share if it isn't a spoiler in the story.)

I'll waive this question at the risk of sharing too much.

Did you write more than one story about her?

Yes, a sequel is in the works.

How would she describe you?

Everything she is and everything she is not. She is the person I strive to be but somehow fall short.

It was wonderful to meet her. Thank you for bringing her to meet us.

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